November’s strange weather in the US and Europe

Unseasonally early and heavy snow falls across the US.  Definitely time to ensure a full stock of clearing salts, grit, pipes insulated and winter tyres and / or chains are all to hand.

Credits: 8:22 p.m. update: Live storm coverage – The Daily News Online

An alternative means by which to clear the snow on top of your vehciel, where the roads are open, but perhaps not necessarily the most recommended!  I would not have wanted to be the vehicle following / filming.


Aside from safety issues, from an keeping the office clean perspective, the challenge faced is ensuring more snow is left outside, rather than brought into the building and where it is, what’s the best way to keep it clean and dry. The most obvious suggestions are:

  • ask people to knock off excess snow before walking into the building (sometimes it’s easier to state the obvious rather than relying on others to take action);
  • put down matting or equivalent to absorb some of the moisture
  • ask the teams responsible for cleaning to focus more time and effort in the short terms on those areas with heavy footfall, particularly from the outside in.

London on the other hand, like other parts of Europe is experiencing more milder weather than is normal for November.

Whether this pattern is associated with a more long term change, a temporary redirection in the jet stream is a topic that many will debate over and over and at times, probably in a fairly heated manner.

Credits: Climate Change, the Jet Stream and Wacky Weather – Decoded Science

In heavy snowfall, it is generally good practise to only travel if/ when really needed, to check on those who may not be able to cope as well on their own and wrap up warm when you do go outside.  Government guidelines to keeping warm in extreme weather.



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